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File Downloading Legality
I heard something today, according to file sharing/watching films online. I quote: `It`s not illegal if you stream it, however if you simply download it to your computer, that`s illegal`
I`m no expert in copyright law but I`d say this is a considerable flaw to understand how copyright licensing works. Firstly let`s look at why it`s illegal download files at all. If you own a file/video/picture, you are able to distribute it as you want. Your holiday snaps are yours through and through (Usually always, anyway).
The reason you can`t share the latest blockbuster film is because you don`t own distribution rights. Buying a DVD from any shop provides you with license to privately view the film in your home. Licenses vary however this is usually the package. It`s illegal to be the receiver of the copyrighted file, just as much as it`s to become a sharer. Although in reality sharers are often more readily found and thus penalised and exposed more, as individual examples. Within this plain sense it`s easy to see what`s illegal. If you didn`t buy it, anything you watch on the web (that isn`t Free Editorial Articles) is illegal.
This is correct regardless of the method you get the file by. I was amused to listen to that somebody said they got all their music by downloading the music video from YouTube and then converting these to mp3. Well, the amusing part is that they thought this was legal, in comparison to someone simply downloading the file via a P2P network. Because that`s another thing, just because YouTube exists and it is big, does not mean it`s legal. YouTube doesn`t endorse copyright material, when submitting a relevant video, you will be asked to confirm you have it. This doesn`t mean people don`t lie, but copyrighted videos is going to be removed.
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